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Accentrik Productions

Accentrik Productions was started by Anil Balram who was hooked on YouTube since the day it launched. After struggling to find his place in the world he decided to pursue a career in media and created Accentrik Productions as a launchpad for him to start. While looking for a full time position in media, Accentrik Productions will serve as the laboratory for his creativity to thrive.

Since creating the company, Anil the Accentrik of Accentrik Productions has worked on live  concerts, music videos, scripted parodies and promotional videos for a variety of genres. Always open to the strange and professional, Accentrik Productions can be your one-man band, or complete crew for everything media.

While primarily invested in video production and development, Accentrik Productions has expanded into design for apparel/merchandise, copywriting and video game design. We strive to help clients and friends embrace what makes them different.

Always #acceptyoureccentricities

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