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1 CAPITULUM of An Upcoming Graphic Novel

The flames glowed a brilliant amber, penetrating the darkness for as long as it could. The flame’s warmth seemingly non-existent despite competing with the numbing chill of the autumn night. A figure, cloaked in a red hood, oblivious to Mother Nature’s defensive behavior. Why was she defensive? For a mysterious figure dressed in the occult was disturbing her peace; lighting the dark night with a fire, trying to spread warmth through the cold, chanting incomprehensible “somethings” in the silence. She tried her best but the fire was winning, the figure was in control; thus the figure was winning as well. The battle between Nature and man is actually a vicious cycle. Man succumbs to Nature only to adapt to his environment. Man changes the climate and Nature adapts in turn. Yes Nature hits harder but it is alone. If one man staggers another will brace him up. If one man falls, two more take his place. However, this exchange is not a battle, let alone a skirmish. The figure’s eyes sought grander horizons than Nature was providing at this time. Nature realized this and let the figure be.

The night was still dark, the air still frost and the landscape remained still. The flame became the figure’s body, waving and flickering as the “somethings” droned on. Playing a guessing game as to when the chants would stop, the fire swerved side to side anticipating when to die. Offbeat to the original rhythm, the figure granted solace to the flame and the flame surged up in glee. A pulse of red light arose in the fire’s place and pulsed out above the mysterious figures. Wait, were there always two figures?

“For whom have I been summoned?” (second figure).

“If the spell worked then you should already know” replied the red hood.

“That’s not the tone you take with someone of my kind” the second figure stated.

“That’s not the tone you should take with me” quipped the red hood, “We both know damn well that there are no formalities here”.

“This is already a longer meeting than what I’m used to” the second figure responded.

“And when was your last one? The beginning of time?” asked the red hood.

“Perceptive aren’t we?” (second figure) “I might as well enjoy the time I have out here. Always the host, never the guest”.

(Red hood) “I’m sure you’ll get sick of me…you won’t be able to leave anyway”.

The second figure’s eyebrows drew up with intrigue, “Just how much do you know?”.

“As much as you think” answered red hood. The red hood swiftly raises his left hand to the nape of his hood and slides it down the back of his head. The second figure watches in awe as the red hood raises his right hand up to point at him. The red hood continues, “By the name of Adonay, I bind you into my submission! Your rebellion fails against Eloheim and Zhu. Heed my call and do my bidding by Adro!”.

The red hood balls his right hand into a fist and points it towards the sky. A mysterious bracelet with a strange emblem adorns it. The emblem glows as a blinding white light flows out of it. A book lays on the ground next to the red hood, the same emblem on its cover. It too is glowing.

The second figure grins mischievously and shrugs his shoulders, “The first time I’m a guest and it’s the time of my life.” The light from the emblem engulfs the second figure. The red hood turns to stare at the book and slowly readjusts his hood.

“On to the next one” he says as he picks the book up to place in his bag. The red hood turns to leave the camp fire, the flame extinguishing as he leaves. Small cinders and ash slowly glow and rise from what’s left of the fire.

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