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DLC packs tend to come in pairs, so when Cooler was revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ at EVO 2018 many were wondering who the next member of the pack would be. The newest fighter available will be the new fan favorite Android 17.

17 does appear as an assist attack with Android 18, however, that was the Dragon Ball Z version of him (when he was a villain). This Android 17 is the reformed park ranger fans saw in Dragon Ball Super, where he quickly became a fan favorite. Along with his look, his moves from Super are back as well with End Game and the Super Electric Strike.LC fighters Goku and Vegeta (in their base forms); however the end of the video was the most captivating.

Android 17 marks the 8th character in the FighterZ Pass along with Cooler. That makes him the last character to join the roster and caps Dragon Ball FighterZ roster at 28 (other DLC included). Since 17 was only seen as an assist character, his debut will fully showcase his true fighting style.

Despite the name implying that characters from Dragon Ball Z would dominate the roster, we’ve seen a large amount of fighters from Dragon Ball Super appear as well. The mix of both sets of characters honestly compliment each other nicely.

Cooler’s date was previously unknown but Android 17’s reveal notes that he and Cooler will be available September 27th. He will be available for free as part of the FighterZ Pass or for $5 separately.

You can check out the trailer below:

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