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After a Nintendo Direct giving off some info about the upcoming Pokemon games, Nintendo and Game Freak took a new approach with their next reveal. Last week, they launched a 24-hour livestream of an area from the upcoming games. The livestream was styled like a hidden nature camera, and while the stream was pretty uneventful, we did get the first Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Shield.

The new Pokemon is the Galarian form of Kanto Pokemon Ponyta. As of now it is a pure Psychic type, instead of the long rumored (and logical choice of) Fairy type. Apparently in the Galar region, Ponyta live in the Glimwood Tangle forest where they absorb life energy and store it in their manes. This somewhat explains the change from Fire to Psychic type. Galar Ponyta have two abilities, Run Away and the new Ability Pastel Veil. Pastel Veil prevents Ponyta from being poisoned and will protect allies in Double battles from being poisoned as well. If Galar Ponyta enters a Double battle with a poisoned ally, Pastel Veil will cure the poison as well. Galar Ponyta will evolve into Rapidash, so there is still a chance it can become a Fairy type later and yes it will be exclusive to Pokemon Shield.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield drop November 15th, 2019.

Check out Galar Ponyta below:

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