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Earlier this month, a collaboration between fashion brand Supreme and classic manga/anime Akira was announced. More information has dropped with a promotional vehicle now making rounds in Paris.

The car in question is a Fiat 500 painted in the red color of Akira’s motorcycle and dons the Supreme logo along with a website and hashtag. The hashtag goes by #AKIRA2018 revealing that the collaboration will drop next year. The website actually redirects to Supreme’s current website, but that also confirms the collaboration’s release date.

This Fiat 500 is driving around promoting the upcoming collaboration. Granted it’s not as cool as the original.

Surprisingly, this promo stunt is not from Supreme but by French artist Charles Monteverdi. He claims that the promotional car is an art project and is trying to garner hype for the upcoming collaboration. He’s also trying to get Supreme’s attention so he could be a featured in the upcoming line. Supreme seems to approve as a photo of the car was featured on their Instagram page.

Monteverdi claims that he will reveal the results of his project immediately after the collaboration drops. Nobody really knows what he’s hoping for but for now we can get #AKIRA2018 trending.

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