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Film adaptations of video games have yet to be perfected with Hollywood finding (debatable) moderate success with anime and excelling at graphic novel/comic book adaptations. The Assassin’s Creed film was lofty and the Tomb Raider franchise was really just an exploitation of Angelina Jolie’s sex appeal to satisfy a desire for Lara Croft fan-service (something you can get on the Internet for free instead of watching a movie).

With Tomb Raider getting a rebooted adaptation starring Alicia Vikander later this year, the next video game film has taken a huge step forward. A Duke Nukem film was reportedly in production limbo when the project was under Dimension Films, but interest has been around since the game’s release in the 90’s. The producer of Max Payne even offered to development the film.

It was announced that Michael Bay’s production company Platinum Dunes will produce the film and started searching for the lead role. An interesting audition for the role will be that of WWE megastar John Cena. He’s reportedly in talks to play Duke and while no major news has been announced, Cena winning the role will be certainly bode well for the future of the film.

Cena has played action roles before, albeit in WWE produced films, but has gained notoriety as an actor for his comedic roles in films like Trainwreck, Daddy’s Home and the recent Ferdinand. Michael Bay fits right into the pace of Duke Nukem‘s explosions and rampant aliens so whether Cena earns the role or not, the franchise is in capable hands.

If Cena does become Duke Nukem, it will be easier to find a scriptwriter or director for the film since they will have a gauge of what they can work with.

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