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Despite Disney’s buyout of FOX, FOX will still fight for some of its properties to develop under FOX’s creative control. The properties under what used to be called FOX’s “Animation Domination” will reportedly develop feature films that will end up releasing under Disney’s brand. For those who are unfamiliar, “Animation Domination” consisted of The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad!, Bob’s Burgers and The Cleveland Show, all airing on Sunday night primetime.

Disney’s buyout of FOX will see The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad! and Bob’s Burgers move to the Disney brand. Before the merger was proposed, FOX was developing a feature film for Bob’s Burgers and in talks with Seth MacFarlane on developing a Family Guy film. The Simpsons, which made its film debut in 2007, is supposedly in development for a sequel to that film.

The films are in development, which means they are in their infancy stages of either writing a script, or coming up with an idea for the script’s premise; they might not even happen at all. A sequel to The Simpsons Movie is the only film that could reasonably happen considering the franchise will hit it’s 30th anniversary soon. While a Family Guy film could seem doable as well, MacFarlane has been interested in his own films and TV show The Orville. Plus, Family Guy could make an appearance in the sequel Simpsons film (they already had a TV crossover) or a film could be made crossing over American Dad! and Family Guy. Bob’s Burgers is actually the most interesting to make a film out of considering it’s become more of a cult-classic than any of the other shows.

Thank god The Cleveland Show was cancelled. Would you want films of Family Guy or American Dad!? Does a sequel to The Simpsons Movie sound appealing to you?

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