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It wouldn’t be a Dead or Alive game without a drunken master of some sort. Enter one of the franchise’s vets making a return: Brad Wong! Dead or Alive 6 will be a game more focused on battle and technique, so having the drunken master return for the sixth entry of the franchise is a no-brainer. And when Brad is around, his keeper Eliot won’t be too far behind him. Despite new characters NiCO and Diego being announced, the rest of the roster is comprised of returning characters.

Eliot is the youngest fighter in the franchise and is practicing the style of Xingyi Quan; a style that relies on heavy blows and incredibly linear movements. The name of the game is to overwhelm the opponent with precise bursts of sheer power.

Brad Wong on the flip side is a master of Zui Quan; a style known for fluid movements and shifts in body weight. While the movements may imitate a drunk person’s staggering, the form requires practitioners to have incredibly strong joints.

Both fighters may be veterans, but they come with the new “Unforgettable” stage. Why is it unforgettable? Because it’s literally a miss-mash of hazards from every other stage of the franchise placed in one field.

Dead or Alive 6 is slated to release on February 15, 2019. Adding the new characters makes the roster look like this:

  1. Brad Wong

  2. Eliot

  3. NiCO

  4. Kokoro

  5. Lisa (La Mariposa)

  6. Christie

  7. Tina Armstrong

  8. Bass Armstrong

  9. Mila

  10. Ayane

  11. Marie-Rose

  12. Bayman

  13. Honoka

  14. Leifang

  15. Hitomi

  16. Kasumi

  17. Ryu Hayabusa

  18. Hayate

  19. Jann Lee

  20. Zack

  21. Helena Douglas

  22. Rig

  23. Diego

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