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The Shonen Jump crossover fighting game Jump Force just wrapped up its first DLC with Biscuit Krueger, but datamines a few months ago had confirmed the existence of six more fighters to come. Over the weekend at Anime Expo, the first character of the second pack was revealed as Bakugo from My Hero Academia.

The trailer is only 20 seconds long so we only get to see Bakugo’s special move, but all of his prideful fury will be present in the game. Bakugo marks the third fighter to represent the My Hero Academia franchise.

Bakugo will release this summer. There are now five more characters slated to release down the line.

Here is the updated roster:

  1. Bakugo [My Hero Academia] (DLC)

  2. Biscuit Krueger [Hunter x Hunter] (DLC)

  3. All Might [My Hero Academia] (DLC)

  4. Seto Kaiba [Yu-Gi-Oh!] (DLC)

  5. Jotaru Kujo [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]

  6. Dio Brando [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]

  7. Dai [Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai]

  8. Kane [New unlockable character]

  9. Galeena [New unlockable character]

  10. Boruto Uzumaki [Boruto]

  11. Kaguya Otsutsuki [Naruto]

  12. Gaara [Naruto]

  13. Kakashi Hatake [Naruto]

  14. Deku [My Hero Academia]

  15. Asta [Black Clover]

  16. Boa Hancock [One Piece]

  17. Renji Arabai [Bleach]

  18. Trunk (Future Trunks) [Dragon Ball Z]

  19. Kenshin Himura [Ruroni Kenshin]

  20. Shishio Makota [Ruroni Kenshin]

  21. Kenshiro [Fist of the North Star]

  22. Ryo Saeba [City Hunter]

  23. Pegasus Seiya [Saint Seiya]

  24. Dragon Shiryu [Saint Seiya]

  25. Yusuke Urameshi [Yu Yu Hakusho]

  26. Togoro [Yu Yu Hakusho]

  27. Atem or Yami Yugi [Yu-Gi-Oh!]

  28. Killua [Hunter x Hunter]

  29. Kurapika [Hunter x Hunter]

  30. Sanji [One Piece]

  31. Marshall D. Teach [One Piece]

  32. Sabo [One Piece]

  33. Gon Freecss [Hunter x Hunter]

  34. Hisoka Morrow [Hunter x Hunter]

  35. Perfect Cell [Dragon Ball Z]

  36. Piccolo [Dragon Ball Z]

  37. Vegeta [Dragon Ball Z]

  38. Goku [Dragon Ball Z]

  39. Frieza [Dragon Ball Z]

  40. Monkey D Luffy [One Piece]

  41. Zoro [One Piece]

  42. Naruto Uzumaki [Naruto]

  43. Sasuke Uchiha [Naruto]

  44. Ichigo Kurosaki [Bleach]

  45. Rukia Kuchiki [Bleach]

  46. Sosuke Aizen [Bleach]

  47. Light Yagami with Ryuk (Not playable) [Death Note]

Check out the trailer below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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