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Few shows in the 2000s have reached the status of true classic; as opposed to cult-classic. Vince Gilligan, however, struck gold with Breaking Bad. Now six years after the series finale, fans will finally get to see the end of the whole story.

In case you forgot, Breaking Bad ended with Walter White dying during a last stand with the Neo-Nazis he himself hired to push meth after Gus’ death. In the aftermath of White’s attack, Jesse actually finds a way to escape his prison cell, but we never find out what becomes of him.

Vince Gilligan has been called on to create a true sequel in the form of a film. The synopsis of the film has already been created and released. The film currently slated as Greenbrier will focus on Jesse’s escape from Albuquerque, New Mexico after the events of the series finale. Jesse has just broken out of his cell after Walter’s suicidal attack on the Neo-Nazis, but we already know that the Neo-Nazis had a larger organization than what viewers saw and considering the scale of the meth operation going on, Jesse shouldn’t be allowed to go free so easily. After all, he was the only one who could make the Blue Sky and actually found a way to make it better than Walter White.

There hasn’t been any word on when the film will come out but Gilligan is already developing the film and the only hurdle would be Aaron Paul’s schedule. It should be noted that Gilligan recently signed a three-year deal with Sony Pictures. That means this sequel could be the first production backed by this new deal.

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