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A few months back it was reported that Jordan Peele would direct a new, modern version of the classic horror film Candyman. At first, Peele was quick to deny his actual involvement in the “spiritual successor”, however, he has now officially been attached to the project. Peele will not be directing, however, he will be involved in the film’s script along with producing the movie under his MonkeyPaw Productions label.

Jordan Peele is writing the script alongside Win Rosenfeld while Nia DaCosta directs. This modern version of Candyman will actually return to the same Chicago projects that served as the original film’s setting. The catch is that over time, the area has become gentrified. For those who don’t know, the original Candyman was set in the Cabrini-Green development on Chicago’s North Side where a grad student conducting her thesis on urban legends runs into the Candyman. The Candyman was the son of a slave (and artist) whose hand was severed before being beaten and left to die by the father of a white woman who slept with the Candyman. Afterwards, his ashes were scattered across the land that became the Cabrini-Green houses.

The original film already dealt with race and discrimination and Peele is no stranger to using racism as a horror tactic. He may not be directing, but considering Cabrini-Green is now gentrified, Peele will no doubt have a field day exploring new ways to use racial satire for thrill.

The new Candyman will also release June 12, 2020.

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