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The era of Porzingis has finally begun as the last remnant of a failing Knicks team has left Madison Square Garden. Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the Western Conference, more specifically the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Originally Melo had was only willing to leave New York if it was for Cleveland, however on the 22nd he had expanded his list to include OKC and a booming Houston. Just a day later he was traded to the Thunder for Center Enes Kanter and Small Forward Doug McDermott on top of a second-round draft pick from 2018.

Melo had a no-trade clause with the Knicks as he wanted to win a ring in his home of New York but after years of inconsistency he had become vocal about his disappointment of Knicks management. The mediocrity stemmed from a bad influence of J.R. Smith, poor coaching from the likes of Derek Fisher, terrible signings (Derrick Rose) and finally apathy from a barely trying president in Phil Jackson.

With the two new signings being within 25 years of age and Porzingis being 22 the Knicks not only have a strong team but a young one. This is strangely reminiscent of the Knicks team before the trade for Melo was made. Amar’e Stoudemire was the face of the team with four up-starts (that included Gallinari) before those starting four were traded to Denver for Melo, Billups (who would retire soon after) and an inconsistent J.R. Smith.

Kristaps Porzingis going for a dunk.

Porzinigis sparked some hope for NY now he will be the main factor.

Over the recent deals made by the Knicks this is actually the best one. OKC gets to recover from losing Durant, Melo gets to play with a contending team (Westbrook and Paul George) and the Knicks get decent young players with a draft pick while saving money.

Melo fans will get to see him on October 19th when the Thunder host the Knicks for the opener.

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