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Monday night marked part one of the Cartoon Network special: “The Powerpuff Girls: The Power of Four”. Since the reboot, the show has actually thrived with new villains being introduced and even a crossover episode with “Teen Titans GO”. The follow-up to these success came in the form of a new Powerpuff Girl.

Bliss (full name Blisstina Utonium) was revealed as the older sibling of the classic trio: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Bliss being older was not the only curve ball thrown by the writers, as she was revealed to be African-American. If that wasn’t enough, Bliss was created using the same recipe of “sugar, spice and everything nice”, but with Chemical W instead of Chemical X.

The only reason Bliss was introduced now is due to Chemical W giving her unstable superpowers. She had to leave Townsville in order to master her powers without endangering anyone. Even more crazy is that she was once friends with arch-enemy Mojo Jojo!

Bliss has a purple suit and purple hair with aqua colored eyes. This color scheme was probably done intentionally to distinguish the effects of Chemical W. Her powers are incredibly better than the trio with Bliss capable of telekinesis, super strength, flight and teleportation (redundant with flight?) .

The idea behind the diversity is fine but “W” in this day and age is short form for “Woke”. Since Bliss is older will she become the new leader of classic team, or will the black community take two steps back with Bliss not fully in control of her power?

Part one of the special is available on the Cartoon Network app and stay tuned for the following parts.

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