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Derrick Rose was signed during the off-season to the Cleveland Cavaliers along with Dwayne Wade to play Guard to LeBron’s Forward. The problem, however, is Rose’s long history of career threatening injuries.

Just recently Rose suffered a sprained ankle and has now missed the last 12 of 19 games the Cavs have played. During the Thanksgiving weekend, Rose walked out on his teammates and management after informing them on his latest injury. He has only played in seven games this season and his has only dropped the Cavs average stats when he was on the court. The Cavs score 4.2 points less on average and allow an average of 12 points scored when Rose is playing.

Despite this new injury being a sprained ankle, Rose is reportedly uncertain about his NBA career and is visibly frustrated at being injured. Rose has already had four surgeries after tearing his left ACL during the first round of the 2011-2012 playoffs. He then tore his right meniscus during the 2013-14 season and then tore his left meniscus just last year with the Knicks.

If he does retire he will be leaving behind $80 million in endorsement deals from Adidas as well as the $2.1 million deal he agreed to for one year with Cleveland. Rose is just 29 years old, which could give him some time to change his career or still be involved in the NBA somehow.

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