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For those who don’t know, my wife and I were expecting twins. Carrying those twins took a toll on her and she ended up needing a cerclage (look it up). The recovery of needing surgery for the cerclage along with the progression of her pregnancy required her to stay in bed for the rest of her gestation. Due to this, some of you may have noticed that I stopped reporting on various topics.

I want to stress that this was only the second time I stopped updating, the first being between this past March and May. With our second and third child on the way (we already have one daughter) I took it upon myself to slow down when it came to everything related to media. I also had to register for paternity leave from my job; with 2018 being the first year fathers could apply for leave in New York.

All that set aside, our beautiful twins are here and I understand my reporting will be backed up. I want to assure anyone and everyone that does follow Accentrik Productions, that there will be some backdated reports, however, do not expect a lot of them. News happens everyday and reporting on old news, whether it was received or not, is not a habit I want to create.

Instead, due to my paternity leave, you can expect updates in other various subjects, such as the “Braxton On Film” posts and the “Late to the Party” reviews that are soon to come.

But do please be on the lookout for not just some backdated news, but, anything upcoming from now on.

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