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The Internet is always amazing and when creators aren’t making the next viral trend or sharing crucial information, visionaries are exploring their own direction in existing classic film franchises. Most of the Hollywood studios aim to produce the hero’s story and occasionally we will see anti-heroes take the stage, so independent producers often explore the minds of villains.

Director Danny Ramirez has gone into the Star Wars galaxy and showcased his idea of Darth Vader’s mental trauma. In the original franchise, Vader was always seen as this great evil without his backstory shedding crucial developments that made him a sympathetic character. The prequel films, while some enjoy them, do tell Anakin Skywalker’s story; but at a certain point Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker become separate beings. That’s where the prequel films end, with Skywalker’s death and the birth of Darth Vader; only for Vader to not seem remorseful for Skywalker’s actions (even though they are the same person still).

Titled Vader Episode 1: Shards of the Past, Ramirez goes out of his way to show Vader’s regret at who he has become and Emperor Palpatine’s disgust at Vader’s moral ambiguity. Despite Darth Vader enforcing Palpatine’s law with an iron fist, Vader still does not know how to conduct himself around Palpatine and within himself. Viewers really get to see the torment that Vader suffered while everyone else was just writing him off as a simple traitor. The film is only about 15 minutes long, but even with a fight sequence, the premise and character development is clear. Honestly, even if someone did not know the full backstory of Anakin Skywalker, the dialogue makes it clear that Vader was “manipulated” by Palpatine and Vader feels like he needs to atone for his sins.

Based on the title, there’s obviously more to come from this series. Check it out and support their YouTube channel.

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