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Death Stranding has been in the works for a few years now and despite a November 2019 release, the only things we’ve seen were cinematic trailers showing off the game’s starpower. In what could be debated as predictable/non-predictable, Hideo Kojima gave us another look into his first solo game at the Tokyo Game Show.

Normally fans would get another trailer featuring gameplay or even a short demo, but Kojima’s eccentric personality decided to give fans a 50 minute gameplay session. So let’s analyze.

The game’s setting is a somewhat apocalyptic United States dubbed “The United Cities of America” and you play as Sam Bridges of the BRIDGES unit (or company). Sam’s job is to deliver relief aid supplies and other tools to various “cities” and based on the map, it looks as if you’ll be trekking across the continental U.S. The world is open and you can plot your course on your map. For every city you deliver to, you can add them to your Chiral Network.

Obviously in order to deliver your supplies you need to equip them, with the loadout screen resembling that of Metal Gear Solid 5.

As you explore the world, you will run into tools left behind by other human players (presumably through online playthroughs). A social media element is featured in that you can “Like” the various things left behind by other humans. This means you won’t necessarily need to pack things like ladders or repel ropes, but if everyone was greedy then the world would be too difficult to traverse. As for what the “Likes” do, we’re not sure.

Since you will have to traverse the entire U.S. there will be moments to rest and recover. Literally anywhere there is grass can be a spot for Sam to sit and stretch or take a nap. There are also hot springs in certain areas where Sam can bathe.

During these moments of rest Sam can interact with the BB (the literal baby he carries) through singing and playing music; and resting seems to make the baby happy. What this does, we are still not sure.

Previous trailers gave off the impression that combat was non-existent. Well there’s combat in Death Stranding. Sam will face other humans in MULE camps and potentially other armies (based on Mads Mikkelsen’s character). But Sam can (but probably shouldn’t) fight the BT’s (those “invisible” alien-like creatures) and a new BT was even debuted in the demo. This BT is some sort of lion creature and it seems to pop out when the other BT’s drag you down. Your cargo is not only crucial to your mission, but it determines whether you break free of BT’s or not.

As for the actual combat, it looks as most of the weapons used to fight people are only able to incapacitate them. When it comes to the BT’s lethal force must be used. When facing the lion-like BT, Sam has use of grenades and other more devastating weapons.

That’s kind of it as the demo ends with Sam successful in his mission. Nobody really knows what Kojima thinks about, so it’s better to analyze the game when it’s actually here.

Death Stranding drops November 8, 2019 for PS4 and possibly the PS5.

You can check out the full presentation below:

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