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E3 2019


E3 is the most popular of all the video game conferences out there as it was technically the first; but over the years it has been known to lose some of its luster. It’s due to this perception that two gaming companies have decided to withdraw from E3 2019, Sony and EA.

EA has opted to release developments on its own schedule, while Sony has adopted Nintendo’s concept of livestream announcements dubbed “Sony State of Play”. With these two companies out of the lineup, here’s the official list of conferences for this year’s E3:

Sunday, June 9th: Microsoft- 1pm

XBox kicks the convention off and will look to draw hype away from the recently leaked “PS5”. How it plans on doing this is unknown but Halo Infinite and Gears of War 5 have already been hinted at. There’s also of course the next version of the XBox codenamed “Scarlet”. This would also be the perfect time to provide updates on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Sunday, June 9th: Bethesda- 5:30pm

Bethesda seriously botched Fallout 76 and it was clear from the jump that they were riding everything on it. Hopefully they actually have a back-up plan and will implement it here.

Monday, June 10th: Ubisoft- 1pm

Ubisoft is riding high thanks to Assassin’s Creed, but now is the time for a perfect follow-up. Beyond Good & Evil 2 would be the perfect topper and Pioneer needs to be addressed considering its recent design overhaul.

Monday, June 10th: Square Enix- 6pm

Last year Square Enix could’ve won E3 considering Kingdom Hearts 3 was still in development and the Final Fantasy VII remake had already been announced as well. With Kingdom Hearts 3 already released, the Final Fantasy VII remake needs to show up this year.

Tuesday, June 11th: Nintendo- 9am

Despite Nintendo regularly releasing their “Direct” livestreams, they will still hold their E3 showcase. The Switch actually has a ton of content to address (more than even their “Direct” streams can hold) and rumors have been swirling about two new versions of the Switch coming soon. Their new Fire Emblem game will drop around E3 so that will definitely be featured, along with Animal Crossing. Of course, Pokemon: Sword and Pokemon: Shield has to be brought up too. Sadly, this will be the first E3 without Reggie Fils-Amie too.

All of these events are listed in Pacific Time so if you’re on the East coast just add three hours to these times if you want to stay up to date. Technically E3 will run until June 13th, but all the conferences take place first, with demos and test-runs occurring in the last set of days. Also, the schedule could change as we get closer to E3.

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