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Eminem has gone on record about his being computer illiterate so it’s probably a good thing that his manager Paul Rosenberg is such a genius.

On October 25th, Rosenberg posted an Instagram photo with a shameless plug of Yelawolf’s new album Trial By Fire (dropping 10/27). The photo shows Rosenberg’s hand holding the still packaged CD while he is facing a window from his office. The view from Rosenberg’s window is more than meets the eye as Detroit natives were quick to point out a prescription drug ad plastered on the side of a building.

Paul Rosenberg cleverly pushed both of his artists from Interscope Records.

The ad in question is for a drug called Revival, which happens to feature a backwards “E” in its name. Eminem’s logo also sports a backwards “E”. The ad has a functioning website and phone number that people can visit. Revival is apparently used to treat “Atrox Rithimus” which roughly translates to “Bitter Rhythm” from Latin. If one visits the website a video ad for the drug will play where the actor makes subtle references to Eminem’s 2002 hit “Lose Yourself” (the actor says the lines “lose yourself” and “I won’t waste my one shot”). The background music for the video also features the melody from the song “I Need a Doctor” (Eminem is featured on this Dr. Dre track with Skylar Grey). Someone called the phone number on the site and found this:

Here’s what happens when you call 1-833-243-8738, the number for Eminem’s new album, “REVIVAL” — Ryan Christensen (@rnchristensen) October 26, 2017

Earlier this month, Mr. Porter (formerly Kon Artis from D12) revealed that Eminem was done with his newest album (Porter produced some of the tracks on the album). Detroit fans also pointed out that the Revival ad on the building expires November 17th this year and that Interscope Records had bought the ad space earlier this year. The Revival website also claims that the drug is manufactured by Popsomp Industries. When Eminem revealed his Relapse album in 2009 another website (now removed) was featured promoting the Popsomp Hills Rehabilitation Center.

It looks like the “Rap God” is back and if you don’t want to visit the site watch the commercial below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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