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While live-action adaptation film adaptations have yet to fully find success, the television route may be the best option; considering the announcement of The Witcher series and Netflix’s Castlevania shows. The latest franchise to get the TV adaptation is Final Fantasy, specifically the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.

Out of all the games chosen, FFXIV is the best choice due to the sheer possibilities available. Online MMORPG’s offer multiple sidequests, expansions and characters to explore on top of the ever expanding original story that can be adapted. Sony Pictures revealed that the TV series will be produced in partnership with Square Enix and Hivemind Entertainment (who is also producing Netflix’s The Witcher series). While the show is still in development, it will be set in the Final Fantasy XIV world of Eorzea and will tell an original story; which as mentioned before, could be anything related to anything that has been introduced to the game since 2010. The show’s announcement also comes shortly after the reveal of the “Shadowbringers” expansion from E3.

Since the show is in development, details like the cast and distribution, let alone a release date are still unknown. Although, Netflix does have a special called Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light and Hivemind Entertainment’s involvement could be clues.

Would you be up for a live-action Final Fantasy XIV show or should Sony have done a different game?

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