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The second season pass for Dragon Ball FighterZ was announced back in January and we can finally announce that it is complete. We get another Saiyan fusion in the form of Gogeta, complete with Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form (or Super Saiyan Blue).

Despite being announced with Jenemba back at EVO in August, only Jenemba was available during that announcement. With a full trailer and gameplay breakdown, Gogeta will now join the fight. Gogeta has a weird guard break; weird in that you can’t see him do anything to his opponent and yet they get hit. Chances are that it is his Invisible Eye Blast used as a grapple. On top of that, Gogeta sports quick versions of Vegeta’s Final Flash and Goku’s Kamehameha Wave to barrage opponents. His juggles mostly involve kicks as well. He finishes the enemy off with his Stardust Breaker.

Gogeta is available today for $5 separately or for $25 in the complete season pass (with Jiren, Videl, Super Broly, Gogeta and Jenemba).

You can check out the trailer below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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