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Last week’s Franchise Friday technically featured two artists as R&B musician Cle’ph was joined by guitarist and Pop musician Kavion Sabio, but this week Sabio himself has a great project out.

Sabio’s single Y.A.T.O. (You Are The One) is out now and features smooth soulful tones with just the right amount of upbeat. There’s something calming about Sabio’s lyrics despite a strange chill emanating from the vocals. The song is blatantly a shout-out to one-sided relationships but it calls you to find the courage to express your self value. To commemorate the release, there are shirts, leggings and hoodies in bright colors with special kanji spelling out the phrase. The official music video is still in the works, but there is still plenty to see right now.

If you have a major move that you want to share and get good vibes on then let us know and you can be the next feature for Franchise Friday. Follow Kavion Sabio on Instagram @Kavionsabio or his website and get your Y.A.T.O. merch here.

Y.A.T.O. is out on all digital platforms now and there’s a lyric video. You can also check them out below:

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