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This week’s Franchise Friday goes to Diabetes advocate and believer of music as therapy, Sparda Deleon. Representing Gun Hill Road of the Bronx, Sparda embraces his past traumas to inspire him to move forward with everything in his life. Sparda has evolved from mere music artist to entrepreneur and advocate for people diagnosed with Diabetes. With a new album U.W.U. Music slated to drop next year, Sparda Deleon has released the new single “Sour Power”.

“Sour Power” is the perfect blend of celebrating the 420 movement, while hyping you up to do something with your life. The takeaway is that due to the therapeutic nature of sour, one can relax and focus on how to better their life. Or with the right company, you can enjoy life with someone else. The tack is just low enough to remind listeners of classic R&B tracks; complimenting the low, gruff tone of Sparda. Regardless of what you do in life, smoke some stuff and just let it sink in.

Check out “Sour Power”:

You can follow Sparda Deleon on IG @spardadeleon, Twitter @spardadeleon or check out his YouTube and Facebook pages Sparda Deleon and Sparda Deleon Music.

Of course, there’s his website as well:

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