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Channing Tatum has been set to star in a Gambit solo film for so long that he’s essentially the same as Ryan Reynolds being Deadpool. Tatum is so invested in the role that he even took the helm of director for himself to ensure that the film doesn’t get scrapped. If there’s a director that wants to be involved then the project can happen. Well Simon Kinberg, a producer that started the entire X-Men film franchise, is also on board for Gambit and may have revealed the status of the project.

In an interview with Variety, Kinberg stated that every film Fox had started development on is now subject to a review by Disney regardless of the stage it’s in. Reassuring us that the film could take place was what he said about the script:

“All of the movies at Fox are being evaluated… I love the idea of Channing playing Gambit. I think we have a great script for it and I think it’s a role he was born to play. It’s a character I grew up loving and I know the fans love. So I suspect, I hope it will happen.”

Kinberg even went into detail about the possible vibe of Gambit as well as how it could fit in with the recent Deadpool and Logan films:

“When you look at Gambit. He’s a hustler and a womanizer and we just felt like there was an attitude, a swagger to him, that lent itself to romantic comedy. ‘Deadpool’ was an R-rated, raunchy comedy, ‘Logan’ was a western, Gambit’s gonna be a romantic comedy, and ‘New Mutants’ is very decidedly a horror film.You know, when I say romantic comedy, I use that term loosely, in the same term that I use the term western for ‘Logan’ loosely. It’s not like they’re gunslingers at high noon in ‘Logan’. It’s just a vibe. And I would say the vibe of ‘Gambit’ has a romantic or sex comedy vibe to it. While it is also still very much a superhero movie with villains and heroes, as all these movies are.”

Tatum has the comedy chops to make the Gambit character charming and he definitely has the sex appeal down. Disney now owns the entirety of Marvel properties (except all of Spider-Man) so the Gambit film could be a new initiative for them. Since Gambit has been in limbo for so many years, Disney might be the only one able to breathe life into it.

Would you like to see the Gambit film be complete?

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