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This past summer saw monumental moves in the NBA. The Celtics, Cavs and Thunder were the major teams to upgrade but one team has been left out of those headlines: the Houston Rockets. Houston made their changes at the start of the off-season so they were easily forgotten when news of Boston and Cleveland hit, but the Rockets ended up with a higher grade of fuel for this season.

With new additions PJ Tucker, Luc Mbah a Moute and CP3 (Chris Paul), Houston set out to dominate the Western conference. They proved they could do so by beating the defending champs: the Golden State Warriors. The Rockets had slowly gained ground ever since James Harden landed in Houston but they could never be a force to be reckoned with. The last straw broke when the Warriors eliminated them from the Western Conference Finals last year.

Last night’s season opener saw Houston get revenge, winning by one point 122-121. It left a sour taste in the Warriors’ mouths as they had received their championship rings from last season before the game started.

Despite Andre Iguodala sitting the game out (due to a back strain) and Draymond Green leaving due to a knee strain he suffered at the end of the third quarter, Golden State had a max lead of 17 points throughout the game.

With 10.6 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Shaun Livingston got the ball from an inbound pass and gave it to Stephen Curry for a 3. The shot bounced off the back rim and Kevin Durant caught the rebound to sink the midrange jump shot. The problem was that the clock had expired before Durant released the ball for the shot; the refs had to retract the points from 123 to 121. Houston was declared the winner. Looks like Houston is ready to blast off.

Watch the last play below:

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