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Ash has finally won a Pokemon League in Alola, but his journey isn’t over yet. With a new generation of games about to drop, it’s time to find out what the anime has in store for fans.

First off, the new entry of the anime will release on November 17th, two days after the games release worldwide. Many people have speculated that Ash would leave the series, but he does in fact return for the anime. This time, however, he will be joined by the character “Gou”. “Gou” is the Japanese name for this boy and he will be voiced by the actor who plays Dekku on My Hero Academia (Daiki Yamashita). Yes Gou is a boy, which makes Gou the first male to travel with Ash in the anime.

Normally the anime showcases the wonders of the game generation counterpart, however, another change is the showcase of every region featured so far. Somehow Ash and Gou will find a way to reach every region on their journey. Ash’s goal is to still become a champion in every region, but Gou actually looks to complete the Pokedex. When Gou was a little boy, he had an encounter with Mew and thus made a vow to catch it. In the Indigo League arc, catching all 150 Pokemon was considered a key to becoming champion as demonstrated by Gary Oak, but over the years the Pokedex has largely been ignored. Plus, due to Ash’s Alola victory, could Ash actually win the leagues in every region the second time?

Gou will also travel with Scorbunny, perhaps making it the game favorite, while Ash will have Pikachu. And yes, Gou is 10 years old.

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