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Although it has already been announced, the official trailer for Goku Black in Dragon Ball Fighterz has dropped and provides some insight into how he fights. In case you get locked out of the open beta starting January 14th, or you have a different favorite character in mind, here’s the scoop.

Goku Black has access to his Super Saiyan Rose form (possibly from the start of the match) and his attacks serve to punish anyone in his way. For a show that was strangely light-hearted about the topic of death, Goku Black runs around with a grim reaper scythe and isn’t afraid to use it. His play style is similar to that of Android 18 and Captain Ginyu, with Zamasu appearing to hold the opponent down for certain moves. It also appears that Goku Black does have access to the Kamehameha Wave.

For a final recap, the confirmed roster is down below:

  1. Beerus

  2. Hit

  3. Goku Black (with Zamasu)

  4. Gotenks (SS3)

  5. Majin Buu (Kid or Evil form)

  6. Gohan (present timeline/adult)

  7. Nappa (with Saibamen)

  8. Captain Ginyu (with the Ginyu Force)

  9. Goku

  10. Vegeta

  11. Gohan (from Cell saga)

  12. Future Trunks (Cell saga)

  13. Perfect Cell

  14. Frieza (Final  and Golden form)

  15. Majin Buu (Fat or Innocent form)

  16. Android 16

  17. Android 18 & Android 17

  18. Piccolo

  19. Krillin

  20. Yamcha

  21. Tien & Chiaotzu

  22. Goku (Blue or God form as a pre-order)

  23. Vegeta (Blue form as a pre-order)

More characters could be added as DLC packs and would most likely be welcomed. The game enters its second beta phase from January 14-16 and will release on PS4, XBox One and PC on January 26.

Check out the trailer below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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