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One of the staples of classic films, Back To The Future has never received an adaptation for the past 30 years. That will all change in the upcoming years as Marty McFly and Doc Brown will soon be seen in a manga volume.

During an event promoting Ready Player One, manga artist Yuusuke Murata announced that he will be writing and illustrating a manga based on the iconic film. Murata is actually the artist behind Eyeshield 21 and more notably One-Punch Man.

Two illustrations were revealed at the announcement, and honestly more East-West cross-promotions are welcome to take place.

The manga will tell the story of the first film, but characters from the entire trilogy are featured here.

Murata hopes to publish the first volume by April 20 and the film’s co-writer Bob Gale will over see the content used by Murata to ensure the manga’s fidelity. On top of that, the manga will include unused content from the original films (maybe some more hard science on how the series works).

The manga will be serialized and the official release date will be announced later on the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! website. The first chapter will also feature a color opening.

The series looks like it’s in good hands.

Not only will this be the first adaptation ever for Back To The Future, but if the manga does include elements from the sequel, it will be the first adaptation of the series as a whole.

Should more cross-overs like this happen?

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