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With Dragon Ball FighterZ ready to drop in two weeks, another character trailer has been released. Despite being officially revealed in the Jump Fiesta trailer, the legendary assassin from Universe 6, Hit has officially been revealed. These intro trailers actually offer great insight into how the characters fight (despite being too short) so the trailers are always welcome.

The trailer shows off Hit’s time/dimensional warping abilities as he is able to freeze opponents at various distances to either counter-attack or create flawless combos. His “hits” also look heavy so he may be a character that deals more damage than the rest of the roster. Usually characters that rely on counters or stopping opponents are either slow or have less health than other characters. This won’t be known until the beta starts on January 14th.

Hit’s special is beautiful and strangely complimented by a snazzy jazz track. Hit may have the best battle theme out of all the characters.

Unless there’s a surprise entrant, the final roster is down below:

  1. Beerus

  2. Hit

  3. Goku Black (with Zamasu)

  4. Gotenks (SS3)

  5. Majin Buu (Kid or Evil form)

  6. Gohan (present timeline/adult)

  7. Nappa (with Saibamen)

  8. Captain Ginyu (with the Ginyu Force)

  9. Goku

  10. Vegeta

  11. Gohan (from Cell saga)

  12. Future Trunks (Cell saga)

  13. Perfect Cell

  14. Frieza (Final  and Golden form)

  15. Majin Buu (Fat or Innocent form)

  16. Android 16

  17. Android 18 & Android 17

  18. Piccolo

  19. Krillin

  20. Yamcha

  21. Tien & Chiaotzu

  22. Goku (Blue or God form as a pre-order)

  23. Vegeta (Blue form as a pre-order)

People are already starting to talk about DLC characters but let’s just enjoy what we have now. The second beta phase runs from January 14-16 with the game releasing on January 26.

Check out the trailer below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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