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The Cloverfield franchise has seen a lot of activity lately with the surprise release of The Cloverfield Paradox and worldwide speculation as to its place in the universe, but the viral alternate reality game that connects Cloverfield fans together has released new information.

The corrupt corporation from the films, Tagruato, has updated its website yet again and fans have already connected the dots between the website and J.J. Abrams’ newest film. While Abrams’ film Overlord is already confirmed as part of the Cloverfield universe, the film won’t release until October. This means that the next film Abrams’ is involved in could potentially be linked to the entire franchise, especially considering the content on the Tagruato site.

Tagruato recently updated its site with some sort of newspaper clip written in Hebrew. The Cloverfield “players” have already translated the writing and started speculating.

The newspaper clip has writing on both sides with the translation as follows:

Right-side of clip:

“Found in the Qumran area, locals who have come into contact with the research crew did not (indecipherable) of the scrolls (?) “I thought it was going to impact the tourists that come to Kalia beach”, said Shlomit…(surname)…a local Israeli archaeologist “but it interferes with my work. I hope that what they’re doing will end soon.”

Left-side of clip:

“There’s an inconvenience to the locals in Kalia caused by the shutting down of Route 90.”

Supposedly, this clip is referring to a car accident that occurred in Israel in 2007 during some archaeological dig. Abrams’ new film (called Kolma at this point) is an American version of an Israeli TV film that was released in 2003. Both films share the same name as well (with the Israeli film spelled Kol Ma).

Thanks to The Cloverfield Paradox, we know that the films take place in different time periods. Overlord will take place during World War II and will involve some supernatural elements, thanks to the actions of The Cloverfield Paradox being a perfect explanation as to why monsters and aliens exist. Overlord will also heavily revolve around the concept of death, which is the major plot point of the Israeli film.

Daisy Ridley will play a woman whose husband dies of a car crash. Once she dies, the woman must make a choice. She can either join her husband in the afterlife, or go back in time and possibly prevent the accident from happening. Kolma is supposed to be a romantic/drama but will still fit in with the potential themes of the Cloverfield universe. The actions of The Cloverfield Paradox would allow Ridley’s character to have the choice of passing on or turn back time.

There’s an entire Reddit dedicated to the theory that Kolma could be “Cloverfield 5” but there hasn’t been any word on the progression of Kolma’s production. The film will be directed by Marielle Heller with the script written by Megan Holley.

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