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Hayao Miyazaki recently returned from retirement to make one last film. He had stepped down back in 2103. Now seemingly with most of the development for the film completed, Miyazaki took to announcing his project’s title last weekend. His last film will be called Kimitachi wa Dou Ikiru ka (translated as “How Do You Live?”).

The new film takes its name from a novel (as most of Miyazaki’s films do) written by Genzaburo Yoshino. The film and the novel’s titles are exactly the same. The book was published in 1937 and Yoshino actually authored many stories for children throughout the 30’s and 40’s. Yoshino realized the Imperial government was not censoring literature for children, so he wrote books that tackled adult issues but geared the focus for children in an attempt to teach them about life.

Yoshino’s moral compass serves as the backdrop for Miyazaki’s film. The film will feature a character who reads Yoshino’s novel and then explore how the novel’s themes impact the character. Viewers will get to see the entire comprehension of the novel as the character experiences it.

During his interview at the Natsume Soseki Memorial Museum at Waseda University in Tokyo, Miyazaki announced the film’s title along with a general timeline of production. The film is ready to start the drawing process but will take around three to four years to complete. Miyazaki hopes the film will wrap animation in 2020. He also revealed why he decided to return to film making:

“‘I’m making it for my grandson.  My grandson might say something like, “Grandpa passed into the next world, but he left this work.’”

Miyazaki retired in 2013 due to his failing vision yet he is working on a CG anime short titled Boro the Catepillar. Hopefully his vision can last long enough to grace the big screen with this film.

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