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When it comes to horror films, there are three killers that dominate everyone’s memories: Jason, Freddy Krueger and the killer doll Chucky. While Krueger and Jason have yet to return to their former glory, it seems that Chucky may be able to make a triumphant return.

The original writer and director of the franchise, Don Mancini recently announced that he is developing a TV series that will revolve around Chucky. The series was reportedly set-up through the end of the last Chucky film Cult of Chuck so unlike other franchise revivals, this will be a canonical continuation.

The only detail available so far will be the length of the series. Whatever this new TV version of Child’s Play will be called, it will consist of eight episodes that will be an hour long. Mancini not only has a solid story to work with, but access to outlets like Netflix would work in his favor as well.

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