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New York minutes are notorious for being at least ten times faster than a regular minute so when someone stays in a New York franchise for a long time then it’s kind of a big deal. After just missing the World Series on the 21st  in a crushing Game 7 loss to the Houston Astros (4-0), Girardi sent an email to every local media outlet on the morning of October 26th stating:

“With a heavy heart, I come to you because the Yankees have decided not to bring me back.”

When the season ended for the Yankees, Girardi had just completed his four year contract worth $16 million. It was Yankees general manager Brian Cashman who suggested a change in coaches to owner Hal Steinbrenner. According to all involved parties, the change is not malicious and everyone respects the decision. Cashman did address the press with this:

“I want to thank Joe for his 10 years of hard work and service to this organization. “Everything this organization does is done with careful and thorough consideration, and we’ve decided to pursue alternatives for the managerial position… As Hal Steinbrenner and I mentioned to Joe directly this week, he has been a tremendous Yankee on the field and away from it, as a player, coach and manager. He has a tireless work ethic, and put his heart into every game he managed over the last decade. He should take great pride in our accomplishments during his tenure, and I wish Joe and his family nothing but success and happiness in the future.”

During his coaching/managerial tenure, Girardi won one World Series with the Yankees making it to the Playoffs six times afterwards. He started in 2008 with the Yankees and their championship win came in 2009. He also played 15 seasons as catcher winning three World Series with the Yankees in a four year span.

No new details have been revealed as to the Yankees’ future, however, Cashman himself also has an expiring contract this year. It is believed that he will be back for next season though.

Girardi’s statement concluded with:

“Finally, I’d like to thank the Fans for their great support as a player, coach and manager and the lasting memories of their passion and excitement during the Playoff games, especially the final six games which will remain in my heart forever.”

Girardi’s last six games were the comeback against the Cleveland Indians in the first round of the AL Division Series followed by an 0-2 rally against the Astros (which they lost) in the division championships.

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