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Huawei has been revealing their phones during the Consumer Electronics Show for the past few years now, but during the 2018 show (currently going on) Huawei has announced that they are ready to officially sell their phones in the United States.

At previous shows, Huawei has revealed previous versions of their Honor X phone and this year is no different. They have officially announced the newest phone in the Honor line: the 7X.

The Honor 7X is looking to be the economical version of a Samsung Galaxy S8 or the iPhone X with nearly identical specs but one cool feature. The Honor 7X is able to sense how far your face is from the screen as well as its own positioning in your hand. The phone basically knows when to auto-rotate the screen without the setting needing to be changed. Huawei also touts about an AI system more advanced than Siri and Bixby, one that can learn your gaming and routine habits (not just auto correct and recommended websites/news).

With the surprising success of Razer’s new gaming smartphone, Huawei has decided to re-purpose the marketing of the Honor 7X to being a mobile gaming machine.

In case the Honor 7X is too basic of a machine, Huawei has also announced the release of the View 10 phone. This phone is similar to their flagship Mate Pro line, just a little less powerful.

The main drawing point of these phones are the Leica cameras they sport (Huawei has been partnering with Leica for years and Leica is known for its high end cameras), their metal constructed frames (sturdier than the plastic frames phones have now) and their 2160 x 1080 5.93 inch display (equal to the phones on today’s market).

Huawei is going all in on breaking today’s phone monotony by offering a special red Honor 7X for Valentine’s Day. On top of that the phone will only cost $199. The View 10 has yet to enter the U.S. market and the price is unknown, but it will go on sale in Europe for 399 Euros.

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