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Not only did Disney buy out majority of FOX, but Disney had also attempted to buyout Comcast’s part of Hulu. The deal has been finalized and is effective immediately!

For those who may not know, Hulu was started by FOX, Disney and NBC Universal (Comcast) as an attempt to combat Internet streaming (mostly YouTube) by offering “On Demand” viewing of the companies’ most recent broadcasts. Time Warner also had a stake in the service until it was bought out by AT&T. Eventually, Hulu grew due to the convenience it provided and original content and exclusive licensing deals became a norm for the service (as part of competition with Netflix).

When Disney absorbed 20th Century FOX, it absorbed FOX’s share of Hulu as well; giving Disney 60% ownership of the service. AT&T sold its 10% share and now Disney has bought out the other 30% from Comcast. Disney not only owns full operational control of Hulu, but they will also launch their own service: Disney+. AT&T has already launched their own streaming service in conjunction with Warner Bros., which leaves NBC Universal/Comcast as the only company left to tackle streaming. The remnants of FOX are doubling down on traditional broadcasting and cable.

NBC Universal will still be allowed to license non-exclusive content and place it on Hulu until 2024, with the option to remove all of its properties by 2022. By next year, NBC Universal can remove all of its exclusive content from Hulu. NBC Universal plans to launch its own service next year, with Disney to place more “adult-oriented” content on Hulu. Disney will own all of Comcast’s share of Hulu within the next five years for a total of $5.8 billion.

All hail Mickey Mouse!

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