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The 2017 reboot film Power Rangers actually wasn’t that bad for me; it was a more realistic take on what actually would happen if five teens who didn’t know each other actually gained superpowers. Money talks, however, and the film didn’t perform well enough to justify a sequel; with Haim Saban selling the franchise to Hasbro. After Hasbro’s purchase, a reboot was always rumored and now those plans are moving forward.

Hasbro’s plan for the Power Rangers moving forward is to have Paramount produce the film and then get Jonathan Entwistle to direct. Entwistle is the creator and director of the Netflix series The End of the F—ing World; a darker show than the tone set by the 2017 reboot. To further complicate things is the concept of this new reboot. The plan as of now is to have the new cast of rangers travel back in time to the 90’s and fight evil there until they find a way to return to their present time. It provides an element of humor that younger audiences can understand and possibly create a nostalgia factor that can attract the older viewers who may actually remember the original 90’s series.

Entwistle would be entrusted with this reboot since he strangely understands younger audiences despite the dark humor in most of his productions. Other than this, there’s no definite word on if development will continue.

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