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90’s kids have the best cult-classics from their childhood. The primary one being the Power Rangers franchise. Over the past few years, the mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy War has become a huge hit; so huge it even did a crossover with Street Fighter. But as a gamer, the bane of my existence is always looking for mobile signal in order to play most games on my phone (or struggling with weak WI-FI signals that my phone is connected to). Coming this April, those who play the mobile game will be able to enjoy the same experience on their consoles.

nWay, the developer and publisher of Legacy Wars has announced that a console follow-up called Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will be released on every console and PC in April. This time nWay worked with Lionsgate films and and new franchise owner Hasbro to include villains and alternate versions of the rangers. With this new game coming out for consoles and PC, the gameplay has been enhanced to be slightly more complex than the rock, paper, scissors fighting style of Legacy Wars. Despite this newer fighting system though, Battle for the Grid will still be an easier fighting game to play.

Not only will the game release on every platform, it will enable cross-platform play. The game will also cost $20 with a special collector’s edition for $40. The collector’s edition will include extra skins for the characters. If you pre-order you can also get a newer version of the original Green Ranger skin.

Check out the trailer below (it features Jason David Frank):

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