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Stephen King’s “IT” never really needed a reboot, especially with the mixed reviews reboots have often garnered, but the Andrés Muschietti directed revival managed to become a world record setter.  The film has become the highest grossing horror film in the United States raking in over $500 million in ticket sales. Even better is the film has yet to release in Japan, Germany and Italy.

One might think that Pennywise the clown might need to move on but he will actually be returning on September 6, 2019. Part of the reason Muschietti’s film set records is the selection of scenes used from the novel. While the original film told the story of the Losers Club as children and as adults (making the film over three hours), Muschietti decided to split the novel in two.

This 2017 reboot focused solely on the first encounters of between Pennywise and the Losers Club along with the supposed defeat of Pennywise. As fans know however, Pennywise appears to feed on fear every 27 years. That’s exactly where the sequel (known only as chapter 2 right now) will kick off. The Losers Club will be all grown up but the story will still be told through the use of flashbacks to the 80’s (the timeline was forwarded to start in the 80’s to make things modern).

Due to the success of the first film, the decision was made to release the sequel around the same time (post Labor Day). While the direction will still be strong, a major key to “IT”‘s success was the lack of summer blockbusters. It’s not certain if the summer of 2019 will behave the same way. Granted the sequel will still hold out better than any horror film slated for that Halloween season.

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