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R-rated superhero films have only recently come around to being accepted by the general audience with the success of Logan and the Deadpool franchise, although Wesley Snipes’ Blade was the trailblazer of that path. The problem is that superheroes are often marketed towards younger audiences and an R-rated film just won’t make as much money as a PG-13 film; hence funding issues when someone wants an R-rated hero movie.

Todd McFarlane knows this and decided to adjust accordingly, with his Spawn reboot to barely feature the titular character at all. McFarlane will also be forgoing a huge budget by filming with between $10 million to $12 million, although it was previously reported he’d have to fund the film himself. Despite the lack of a budget, McFarlane has landed a Hollywood heavyweight to play his creation: Jamie Foxx.

The strange thing is, McFarlane apparently wrote the script imagining that Jamie Foxx would take the role:

“Jamie came to my office five years ago, and he had an idea about ‘Spawn’ and we talked about it. I never forgot him, and when I was writing this script, you sort of plug people in, and he was my visual guy and I never let go of him. When I got done and my agents and everybody was talking about what actor, I said, ‘I’m going to Jamie first and until he says no I don’t want to think about anyone else because I’ve never had anyone else in my head.’ Luckily, he hadn’t forgotten either. I said, ‘Hey, I’m back to talk about ‘Spawn’ again, and he was like, let’s do it.’”

Foxx approached McFarlane before McFarlane even thought of doing the film!

It appears McFarlane will be directing the film instead of the director of Michael Jai White’s version of the character (which was still great by the way) and Blumhouse Productions will be right there with him. If anything, McFarlane is lucky Jamie Foxx is such a fan considering Foxx will probably do the film for free. No release date is slated for the film yet.

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