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This past weekend more info on Dragon Ball FighterZ was released. The roster grew by two characters and a new assist character was added as well. On top of that, Aksys Games pulled off another signature move by adding a completely original character to drive the game’s story.

In the newest edition of V-Jump Shonen Games revealed that Yamcha and Tien Shinhan will be returning to the game franchise as playable fighters. On top of that a new character Android 21 will be added to the game’s story mode. Sadly, Chiaotzu will only be available as an assist character. Chiaotzu’s role will be the same as Android 17 where he only appears with 18 for tag-team moves.

Aksys Games is no stranger to introducing characters meant solely for driving the story of a game. Being the developer of Dragon Ball Fighterz, they created Android 21 with the blessings of creator Akira Toriyama. Take a look at the BlazBlue franchise and you’ll notice the characters Kokonoe and Kagura Mutsuki were introduced to close certain plot points in the story mode. Eventually, these characters did become playable so there may be a chance that 21 becomes a member of the roster.

As for Tien and Yamcha, Yamcha brings his Neo Wolf Fang Fist attack to the game with his unreliable Spirit Ball technique; while Tien’s Neo Tri Beam Meteor returns.

The only thing known about Android 21 is that her intelligence is equal to that of Dr. Gero and she’s mysteriously close to Android 16 (or she plays a key part of Android 16’s chapter in the story). Keep in mind that Goku Black has something to do with the story mode as well.

With Tien and Yamcha announced the roster now grows to 15:

  1. Goku

  2. Vegeta

  3. Gohan (from Cell saga)

  4. Future Trunks

  5. Perfect Cell

  6. Frieza (Final  and Golden form)

  7. Majin Buu (Fat or Innocent form)

  8. Android 16

  9. Android 18 & 17

  10. Piccolo

  11. Krillin

  12. Yamcha

  13. Tien & Chiaotzu

  14. Goku (Blue or God form)

  15. Vegeta (Blue form)

The game had currently undergone a closed beta stage for players. Check out some gameplay below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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