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The PlayStation 4 first launched in 2013 and is still quite the powerful machine, six years later. However, with the constant battle against a regrouping Microsoft and its Xbox One, the time has come for a new console to debut. First revealed by WIRED, the curtains have been pulled back on Sony’s next project.

Currently dubbed the “PlayStation 5” on the streets, this new piece of hardware is just that-hardware. While the PlayStation 4 received an upgrade with the PlayStation 4 Pro (to match the Xbox One X), this new PlayStation 5 will officially start the next generation of the console wars. A newer generation means newer hardware and this new system will sport upgrades for its CPU with a new chip from AMD’s Ryzen line and a new GPU courtesy of the Radion Navi line. The system will also trade-in hard drives for a solid state drive.

Basically, this means the PlayStation 5 will have insanely faster loading speeds and be able to store more data; although newer games will likely take up more data than before. The new GPU also allows for ray-tracing capabilities, which more accurately mimics how light reflects or refracts on different surfaces. Ray-tracing has been used extensively in Hollywood for realistic CGI but the PlayStation 5 will be the first console to implement it. On top of ray-tracing, the PlayStation 5 will be able to run 8K graphics and 3D audio (more immersive than surround sound) if you can afford a TV that handles those specs.

The best part? This PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4, with many PS5 titles releasing for the PS4 as well (during the early months). That’s all I need to hear as now I have to wait until at least 2020 for a release date. Your move Microsoft.

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