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When Galar was revealed to be serious about Pokemon battles, it wasn’t a lie. A new trailer has dropped revealing some new items, battle mechanics and Pokemon abilities so let’s get to it.

First the hidden ability for Corviknight was revealed to be Mirror Armor. This ability allows stat-reducing moves to be bounced back onto the opponent instead of affecting Corviknight.

The next new ability belongs to Galar Weezing. While having the ability Levitate, its second ability is called Neutralizing Gas. This ability negates the effects of other abilities on the field for as long as Weezing stays in battle. The moment Weezing faints or switches all other abilities will activate. Useful Double Battle abilities like Levitate or Storm Drain will be negated, as seen in the trailer.

The new items introduced were the Eject Pack and Room Service. If a Pokemon is holding the Eject Pack, it will automatically switch out when one of its stats are lowered. The Room Service item activates when the move Trick Room has been used. The item will lower your speed in order to make you attack first when Trick Room is active.

We then get some more info about Dynamaxing. Dynamax Pokemon are unaffected by flinching moves like Fake Out and their Dynamax attacks all come with secondary effects depending on the move. Also, just like Z-Moves from generation seven, moves like Protect and Detect cannot fully stop a Dynamax move. If you want to protect yourself from a Dynamax move, you need to use the Max Guard move.

The Pokemon website went into further detail by explaining the new battle listings. Online battles will take place in the Battle Stadium, which has three categories: Ranked, Casual and Competitions. The Competitions are world-wide tournaments held by Nintendo and Game Freak. Friendly Competitions are set up by groups of friends online. All of these modes will have Single and Double battles. Lastly, the Battle Stadium will actually allow you to rent a team of Pokemon. These rental teams can even be used in Ranked battles.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield drop November 15th.

You can check out the trailer below:

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