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Earlier this year, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were announced with a good chunk of information to keep fans waiting. While fans thought they’d have to wait until E3, Game Freak went ahead and released a Pokemon Direct a few days before the gaming convention. Let’s take a look:


The stadium-like buildings featured in the game’s announcement were actually Pokemon Gyms. Classic gym battles return, except it looks as if there are no other trainers in gym besides the leader. Also, the gyms are stadiums because many people watch Pokemon battles for entertainment and the extra space of the stadiums allow for Pokemon to Dynamax.

Grass-type Gym Leader Milo


Dynamaxing is generation eight’s version of Mega Evolution, except that all Pokemon can Dynamax. When a Pokemon Dynamaxes, it grows to the size of Godzilla and all of its moves become stronger; to the level of Z-Moves from generation seven. Only one Pokemon in battle can Dynamax and the transformation only lasts three turns.

For unknown reasons, Dynamaxing Pokemon makes them giant.


Similar to Pokemon GO, raids will now appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Raid battles consist of four players teaming up against one Dynamax Pokemon. The Dynamax Pokemon will be Dynamaxed for the whole battle as opposed to you having three turns and only one trainer will get to Dynamax their Pokemon. The other three trainers will have to sit back and watch. Depending on your progress in the story, the Dynamax raids will feature different Pokemon and you can potentially find more raid locations. Only some Pokemon will be available through Dynamax Raids.

Raids will be 4 trainers teaming up against a wild Pokemon.


A region is usually defined by its Champion, so the Pokemon Direct revealed that Leon is the Champion we will have to dethrone. We only see him with a Charizard, so maybe Mega Evolution will return.

This is our Champion.

Leon has a younger brother named Hop who will be our rival throughout Galar. He’s another friendly-type rival.

We start our journey thanks to Professor Magnolia, who is a researcher studying the Dynamax phenomenon. Her assistant is Sonia, her granddaughter. Sonia will pop in and out of our journey giving us items or inspiring fanart.


It’s not a Pokemon game without new Pokemon! While we didn’t get to see the final evolutions of the starters, we did get the legendary Pokemon and some of Pokemon we will see throughout the region:

Wooloo: a Normal-type sheep with the Fluffy or Run Away Ability.

Drednaw: a Water/Rock-type turtle with the Strong Jaw or Shell Armor Ability.

Gossifleur: a Grass-type with the Cotton Down or Regenerator Ability. Cotton Down is an Ability that drops the opponent’s Speed stat when they make contact with you.

Eldegoss: the evolved form of Gossifleur and a Grass-type with the same Abilities

Corviknight: a Flying/Steel-type bird with the Pressure or Unnerve Ability.

The legendary mascot for Pokemon Sword Zacian:

The legendary mascot for Pokemon Shield Zamazenta:


The areas between cities/towns are called Wild Areas and similar to Pokemon Let’s Go, the Pokemon will appear in the overworld. The Pokemon will be different each time and players can control the camera to better explore the Wild Areas. It also looks as if the Pokedex will feature numerous previous generations alongside the generation eight Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will release on November 15th, 2019!

You can watch the whole Direct below:

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