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With only one month left until the drop, a new trailer for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has been released. This time the universe gets literally dark with the reasoning behind Necrozma’s new forms revealed.

Necrozma as the prism Pokemon (or Ultra Beast, it’s still not clear) naturally wants to absorb light (whether for food or energy or because it’s evil is not clear as well). This is where the game’s plot details start to emerge.

The new trailer reveals that there is a city (or world) between the Ultraspace wormholes called Ultra Megapolis. The Ultra Megapolis apparently had its light stolen by Necrozma and there is a new organization called the Ultra Recon Squad which monitors Necrozma’s activity. The Ultra Recon Squad does make it to Alola in an attempt to interfere with Necrozma running amok (for better or worse is still not clear)  in the “main” region. These details alone are enough to explain Necrozma’s new forms along with give the cover mascots (Lunala and Solgaleo) more purpose. Necrozma is attempting to steal Alola’s light and will do so by absorbing Solgaleo or Lunala.

With a new world existing between the Ultraspace wormholes, players are now able to encounter the Ultra Beasts in their own respective mini-worlds instead of having the beasts randomly roam Alola. This is a throwback to the Distortion World of Platinum version where we encountered Giratina (Gen 4 remake confirmed!). Also, there is a new Ultra Beast named UB Adhesive which is a pure Poison type.

The new Ultra Beast Adhesive is a pure Poison type.

The new Ultra Beast Adhesive is a pure Poison type looking like Celebi and Mew.

The versions follow their exclusive characteristics by changing the members of Ultra Recon Squad you fight based on the version. There are four members: Dulse, Zossie (only in Ultra Sun) and Soliera, Phyco (only in Ultra Moon). Lastly, the previously revealed Ultra Beasts (also version exclusive) Assembly and Burst have finally revealed their typings; Assembly is Rock/Steel while Burst is Fire/Ghost. UB Burst also reveals its signature move: Mind Blown.

With all these new plot details it seems like the upcoming games are telling a somewhat similar story to Sun and Moon but in a different universe or timeline. These games might even start connecting more across generations, especially since the first two generations have now been released on virtual console and are compatible to Sun/Moon. Sun/Moon also brought the character Annabelle from Emerald version through a wormhole into Alola. This continuity started with the introduction of a supposed multiverse from back in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire with Zinnia and the Delta Episode. Looker was also brought into Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire with amnesia so it’s possible he has traveled between the wormholes as well. Hoopa’s rings were also used as portals to let players capture past legendaries in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. With game hardware always updating, perhaps this is how GameFreak plans to expand the games.

The games drop November 17th. Check out the trailer below:

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