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Tira may have been the first DLC announced for SoulCalibur VI, but at the time the main roster still had some space available. Recently, those spots were taken up by new antagonist Azwel and just last week, a returning Cervantes. Bandai Namco, ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, has revealed possibly the last character to join the main roster. Another character making their return to the franchise is Raphael Sorel.

While the overall plot of the fight between Soul Calibur and Soul Edge does affect every character in the game, Raphael’s story is perhaps the darkest. Initially intending to retrieve Soul Edge and lock it away to protect his foster daughter Amy, Raphael slowly goes mad and contracts vampirism after prolonged exposure to the demonic blade. Even worse, the only family he has left in Amy, appears to have been corrupted by the blade as well. Throughout the course of the SoulCalibur franchise, fans have seen the physical and mental changes that Raphael has gone through in the search for Soul Edge. Towards the later entries of the franchise, Raphael vows to corrupt the entire world so he and Amy can live without discrimination. While not considered the best fighter in the franchise, Raphael serves as the most sympathetic character and the prime example the corruption Soul Edge can create.

Raphael fights with his trusted rapier with a fencing style. This means he’s quick and can actually use his rapier to keep enemies a distance away. When not using his fencing skills, Raphael utilizes quick kicks and stomps to disorient his opponents.

Being that SoulCalibur VI will bridge the plots of Soul Edge and SoulCalibur together, Raphael is actually still human in this entry of the franchise. He first appeared in SoulCalibur II but then appeared to become corrupted right before the events of SoulCalibur III. After becoming one of the central terrors of the world in later entries, Raphael may play a pivotal role in this game’s plot. Raphael’s return makes him the 20th character on the roster (21 with Tira as DLC) and the 17th returning franchise character in general. The game will drop October 19th and two more DLC spots are left to announce. 20 is a nice round number so any upcoming character announcements may only be for DLC.

The finalized current roster, now with DLC is as follows:

  1. Raphael Sorel

  2. Cervantes

  3. Azwel (new character)

  4. Tira (DLC)

  5. Seong Mi-Na

  6. Astaroth

  7. Voldo

  8. Talim

  9. Maxi

  10. Yoshimitsu

  11. Siegfried

  12. Taki

  13. Geralt (guest character)

  14. Ivy

  15. Zasalamel

  16. Kilik

  17. Xianghua

  18. Nightmare

  19. Groh (new character)

  20. Sophitia

  21. Mitsurugi

Check out the trailer below:

<img src=";ssl=1" loading="lazy" decoding="async" alt="YouTube Poster">

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