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Ahead of the scheduled December 15th drop (for the physical copy) of his new album Revival. The rap god posted his album’s track-list on Twitter. While fans are eager to hear more Eminem, mixed feelings run rampant. Revival‘s track-list seems a little underwhelming when acting as a follow-up to Eminem’s freestyle at the BET Cypher this past October and his track “Campaign Speech” last year; mostly because there are barely any rappers featured on the track.

In fact, only two rappers/hip-hop artists are on the album in the form of Kehlani and Phresher. Kehlani also acts more as a hip-hop artist leaving Brooklyn based Phresher as the only real MC featured at all.

Eminem already released the lead-in single “Walk on Water” with Beyoncé and performed it on Saturday Night Live last month with Sklyar Grey (also featured on the album). Other than that, features include more singers with Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran and Pink (as a favor for Eminem being featured on her song “Revenge”). Besides Ed Sheeran another strange feature is X Ambassadors (a Canadian rock group.)

Eminem is no stranger to features with singers and rock groups. Some of his greatest hits have come from such collaborations such as “Stan” with Dido, “Love the Way You Lie” with Rihanna and even a remix to “Way I Am” with Marilyn Manson.

Despite a relatively strong roster of features and Eminem’s undisputed skills, “Walk on Water” was seen as a disappointment to fans. Given today’s societal climate, many were hoping that Eminem would feature more rappers for angry theme songs or even just lyrical exhibitions. The full track list is listed below:

  1. “Walk on Water” (featuring Beyoncé)

  2. “Believe”

  3. “Chloraseptic” (featuring Phresher)

  4. “Untouchable”

  5. “River” (featuring Ed Sheeran)

  6. “Remind Me (Intro)”

  7. “Remind Me”

  8. “Revival (Interlude)”

  9. “Like Home” (featuring Alicia Keys)

  10. “Bad Husband” (featuring X Ambassadors)

  11. “Tragic Endings” (featuring Skylar Grey)

  12. “Framed”

  13. “Nowhere Fast” (featuring Kehlani)

  14. “Heat”

  15. “Offended”

  16. “Need Me” (featuring Pink)

  17. “In Your Head”

  18. “Castle”

  19. “Arose”

Instead of Paul Rosenberg, Eminem himself released the track-list to “Revival”.

The album is slated for a December 15th release, however a digital release may be out as early as December 8th. Eminem’s Revival will still be strong, just maybe not in the fashion fans were hoping for.

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