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When the official (tentative) schedule for this year’s E3 was released Sony was noticeably absent. Sony executives have instead opted to reveal their updates at other conventions and have placed a greater focus on their “State Of Play” announcements, similar to Nintendo’s “Direct” showcases. So here’s a rundown of what Sony could’ve announced at E3:


Riverbond is a Minecraft styled dungeon crawler featuring 4 player co-op and a destructive environment. Even better, there are a bunch of crossover skins for the players to use featuring the likes of Psychonauts, Shovel Knight and Guacamelee. Riverbond will release this summer as a digital download.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Similar to Gears of War 4, this asymmetrical multi-player game pits two teams against each other. One TEAM will control the Fireteam squad of human soldiers while ONE other person will control the iconic Predator. It’s a battle of the Predator’s stealth-based strategies versus the all-out assault of the Fireteam squad. The game will drop in 2020.

AWAY The Survival Series

Perhaps the strangest, but most interesting game is AWAY. In the game players literally become animals and fight for their survival; whether it’s a natural disaster or fleeing predators. While we did not see any first-person perspective as the animals, we are limited by the type of animal we are. The trailer featured a flying squirrel, so obviously we would have to glide and scurry through trees to stay alive instead of trying to actually fight any threats. Plus, the perspectives are true to scale, so as a squirrel we are not the largest animal around. No release date has been announced.


The remake/remaster of PlayStation classic MediEvil gets a release date of October 25th; just in time for Halloween. It also looks amazing and still true to the original game. MediEvil was something of a cult favorite game as many thought the franchise wouldn’t have done well.


The “State Of Play” address kicked off with Capcom’s smash hit Monster Hunter World. The newest expansion is called Iceborne and features ice dragons on top of what we guess would be ice/snow based monsters and legends as well. Better yet, the expansion will drop September 6, 2019.


The game we saw announced in 2015 finally gives us an update with the first official trailer. Not only are the graphics and gameplay enhanced, it seems like new features and surprises will be placed in the game too. Square Enix has stated the game will be episodic and the first trailer is completely comprised of scenes from Midgar so that may still hold true. Being episodic may also allow for a better experience as patches and DLC could be added as well. Still no release date, but we will get another update in June.

In a fun piece of hardware news, a new PS4 Pro will release during the next set of “Days of Play”. The console will be steel grey colored and can stand vertically. It is a limited edition as well.

You can watch the “State of Play” address below:

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