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With Mega Man 11 slated to release at the end of 2018, CAPCOM decided to up the ante by announcing the re-release of the original Mega Man franchise.

Nintendo Switch owners will be able to purchase the original Mega Man 1-10 games through the upcoming legacy collection. The legacy collection consists of two games. Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 will feature the first six games while Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 includes the seventh through tenth games of the series.

Both games come with extra features. Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 will include a “Rewind” feature that allows players to redo their most recent action. It’s not known if this mode can apply to boss fights. Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will feature remixed music in 16 and 32-bit, along with smoother graphics (try playing Super Mario Bros on an HD TV and you’ll know why this is necessary). It appears that these features will be exclusive to their respective games.

There are three new modes that both games share: “Challenge”, “Sound” and “Museum”. “Museum” mode is essentially a gallery mode, while “Sound” mode acts similarly to the soundtrack feature of other games. The fun mode is the “Challenge” mode, where players have to beat remade stages of the original games and rank on the leaderboard (like Super Mario Maker but for Mega Man).

Both games will be available on the eShop and in retail with Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 costing $14.99 and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 costing $19.99. The retail versions of both will cost $39.99 with Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 having a physical cartridge and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 being available via download code.

Both games will support the Mega Man and Golden Mega Man AMIIBOO that unlock 11 extra fan-made levels from the Mega Man Legacy Collection Challenge Contest that were exclusive to the 3DS.

The entire Mega Man franchise comes to the Switch May 22nd.

You can watch the trailer below:

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