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EVO 2018 has wrapped up and a new season for fighting game champions has started. Usually new seasons bring new patches and character tiers and while the same is true here, a plethora of new potential meta-breaking characters have been announced.

Tekken 7 has actually revitalized the long running franchise, with stronger gorgeous visuals, a decently large and diverse cast and a revamped story that no longer feels the need to include the King of the Iron Fist Tournament the series is recognized for. Tekken 7 is also one of the first games in the franchise to fully embrace the concept of fun and alternative DLC options.

Bandai Namco had already released a season one pass that included Geese Howard from King of Fighters and more surprisingly, Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. During the weekend, Bandai Namco revealed three more characters for their second season pass. The first two fighters are returning characters Nina Williams and Jackie Chan homage Lei Wulong. The third character is another crossover, this time from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Negan will make his video game debut as part of the Tekken universe!

While no gameplay footage was provided for Negan, it’s safe to say that Lucille will debut along with him. If Noctis was able to use his Engine Blade then Negan needs Lucille to even the odds. The best part is probably that Negan could be portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. As to how he would play, perhaps Negan is a slow hard-hitting fighter with some gimmicky moves involving walkers. Considering his world, Lucille may not be his only weapon.

On top of such a surprise entrant, the season two pass comprises of six characters as opposed to two from last year. Including Negan is Bandai Namco’s version of throwing fans a curve ball, but with three characters left a greater surprise could be announced later.

The release date of the season two pass has yet to be revealed but you can check out the announcement below:

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