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2018 is shaping up to be the year of the fighting game genre and while Dragon Ball Fighterz will take the crown in the first quarter, the newest addition to the SoulCalibur series was revealed at the 2017 Game Awards this past December.

The announcement trailer revealed that the newest addition to the series would take place as a type of prequel, bridging the gap between Soul Edge and SoulCalibur. The first two characters revealed were Sophitia and Mitsurugi (aged considerably younger than fans have seen before). Given that this new game will precede the series’ timeline, majority of the roster should consist of throwback characters.

This new trailer reveals four new characters, three of which are staples of the franchise. The “Traveling Artist” Xianghua, “Destiny Awakened” Kilik and the major antagonist: “Azure Nightmare” Nightmare have been confirmed to take their place in history. Joining them is a completely new character: “The Agent in Black” Groh. Along with amazing visuals the specials of each characters are revealed as well.

Xianghua mesmerizes her opponents with her beautiful swordplay and acrobatic kicks and flips. She finishes her opponents through what could be considered the SoulCalibur  version of water bending. Nightmare seems to be in his peak form of the series as he fluidly swings his massive sword for quick combos. He ends his battles by summoning a horse of dark energy and jousting his enemies to death.

Kilik excels at close and mid-range combat due to his staff’s length and essentially pokes the opponent to death before releasing a burst of energy through his staff into the opponent. Lastly, Groh sports amazing anime-like looks while fighting with a double-ended sword that can separate into two short swords. He may play similar to Ivy who could switch between a sword and whip. Groh’s sword can even be thrown at the enemy as seen in his special.

Groh is seriously looking like a character out of Final Fantasy.

The trailer ends with a glimpse at Kilik’s new form, some sort of berserker mode. In the SoulCalibur universe, Kilik became infected with fragments of the Soul Edge blade. He was then trained to suppress those negative emotions. Based on the footage, characters may have a rage mode that allows some sort of power boost during the round.

There’s no release date yet but you can watch the trailer below:

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